Project Yumway: My team, Project Yumway, raised $240 for the charity at work yesterday. Unfortunately, we didn’t raise the most – the team selling chicken skewers and salad at $6/plate beat the rest of us (who took “bake sale” at face value). Nonetheless, it was a fun, tasty day, and we whooped everyone in the delicious department! Brownies, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, fig/nectarine galette, apple tart, pumpkin bread and more!

Settled In: Finally got time to complete unpacking and here’s what my new space looks like:

Yum, Part II: Hauled home a Panda Feast from Panda Express today – steamed and fried rice, Kung Pao and Orange Chickens and Beijing Beef. Froze half and will eat the other half over the weekend…bliss!

Live Traffic Reports, 24/7: Thanks to Feedjit, you can see what towns visit this blog, over in the left column. If you click “Watch in Real-Time,” you’ll go to a live feed page that gives you browser, operating system and referrer information. Of course, since this is just a little stop way off the main road, there won’t be much activity, but it is kinda fun to see where folks are coming from and going to…

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