Yesterday too slow, Today too fast…

Ugh: My knee kept me from doing too much on the 4th, but I did clear out some filing and magazine/recycling sorting, and I did purge the bathroom of a ton of inferior bath products. *grin* It’s a start. Today, the knee is a bit better. Work was exasperating, though. Seems my new guy was a bit optimistic in promising some copy to designers and subsequently missed his deadline. A crisis raged all morning about it – all while I sat blissfully at my desk, cranking out work a little ahead of schedule. I didn’t know about the promised deadline (it was brokered while I worked from home Tuesday), the missing of that deadline or the furor it created. When deadlines are missed, the first person who’s supposed to be contacted is the manager. Oops, guess they forgot. Too bad – I coulda jumped in to help. This is turning into a big political mess, and the poor guy has been plopped unfairly into the middle of a hellacious project first thing off the bat. Wouldn’t blame him if he decided to bail. I’m still thinking about it myself.

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