Woo hoo! Nice start to the day!

Money!: So, yesterday I set up my donation page on Barack Obama’s site, and established a goal to raise $1000 for him. Today, I awoke to an email notifying me of my first donation – a generous one from my favorite singing goatherd. I hope we all see the “returning sun” of cooperation, dignity and honor to the White House.

Merger!:  OMFG. OMFG!!!! I’m trying so hard not to get excited about this, but the second email I read today, from TrackSide Online, carried news of a last minute push to unite the Indy Racing League and the Champ Car World Series for this season. Robin Miller broke the story late last night and isn’t a done deal – there are a ton of details to work out. It may not be possible at this late date, but it seems all parties are preparing to do everything they can to make it happen. I’m trying to keep my hopes at an even keel, but this looks like the best chance we’ve had to merge our open wheel series and end the feud and start mending the damage. I’ll be watching this closely the next few weeks…

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