Wonderful… Marvelous… Bewitched…

Julio Sparkled: Helio and Julianne were fantastic tonight on Dancing with the Stars, performing a foxtrot to a vocal version of the theme from Bewitched. It was charming, witty and elegant and Helio did all his racing fans proud with a terrific performance and a first-place finish among the men. I’ll post a clip here as soon as it pops up on YouTube.

Meanwhile, on MySpace: Things have been hopping! If you scroll down just a bit, you’ll see a Napoleon Dynamite image I made with an online wallpaper generator – Vote for Helio. I hosted the image on my site and posted it in a comment on Helio’s MySpace page a couple days ago. I just remembered that I could see the traffic on that file in my raw stats (which I rarely dig through), so I just had a look. Helio’s page is getting SLAMMED – looks to me like he’s making a ton of new fans.  🙂

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