Whoa, not so fast…

Pile on Bash: Just when I thought it was gonna get better, two projects I’d put to bed (one SIX WEEKS ago) have cropped back up for extra edits, etc. What part of “No bandwidth” isn’t sinking in? Sheesh. Ah well, I cranked on a lot of things today and need to crawl in early for lots more cranking tomorrow, so it’s early to bed for this tired pup. SO looking forward to three days off…

Tee Arr: For you folks who were asking me during my Memorial weekend visit home if I’d heard from my musical pal Todd Rundgren lately, the answer is now yes. He dropped me a line in the wee hours this a.m. – he’s on the road with The New Cars. I think he was drunk – pretty darned funny email. He and the Fixx boys are on the same bill on Friday the 13th. Sadly, it’s in B.F.E, Minnesota, so I won’t be there to take in such a delightful happening. Told him to have a drink for me if he hooks up with my Fixx boys.

Fixxed Soon – Maybe: That is, if I don’t relapse on whatever I’ve been battling all week, bug-wise. The Rockin’ the Colonies tour rolls in Sunday with the P. Furs, The Alarm and The Fixx. We’ll see if I can make it. If not, well, they’ll be back this fall.

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