It’s Been a Day: Crazy from the start – but the brilliant part – we’ve been joined in the flesh by none other than Ohmygod JohnFall! (This is what my boss calls him…) My beloved offsite contractor has joined us in SF for a couple of days of marketing copywriting training my team is getting. He’s so much fun to have around!

Freaky: Been clearing out some old stuff in storage and ran across a printout of a magazine article that gives me pause. A few years ago I was involved with a musician, and since I was also involved in his fandom pretty heavily, I wanted to remain anonymous – only a couple of my bestest friends knew. (I can mention it here because I’m usually involved in a few fandoms, so good luck sorting it out! :p) One morning I awoke to emails from each of those friends, each with scanned pictures of a nationally-published interview that contained some very thinly-veiled references to me. Our little tryst ended three years ago and I’d forgotten about it, so it was weird to see that article again…

Gazing Arizona: Someone in Phoenix read every single page of my blog yesterday. They must truly be bored! *grin* Howdy to mi familia and my friends back east. And Joel, deep in the heart of Tejas. 🙂

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