Whew – busy!

FWMA: Finally got the FWMA web site updated with the story of the fire. The whole site needs an overhaul, and we were just about to ask Chris Beatty what we should add, remove and focus on when she and her family suffered their fire. So, I’ll do a content inventory with a list of ideas and have that waiting for when she’s able to think about these mundane things again. I really feel for the family…so much upheaval and so much cleanup to do.

Old: Feeling so worn out this week that I skipped the Todd Rundgren show Thursday night. Hadn’t seen him for 3 years. Guess it’ll be at least another before I do…

Crazy: Initial word is my team will be very busy next year. I truly hope this means we get to hire a few more folks, or I may die of old age by the end of 2008! LOL!

CA: There’s a good chance my Pippi will be back in CA before the end of the year. Bunny’s business is closing so there’s really nothing holding him there. I can’t wait to get her back, and bonus – I get him, too!  Woo hoo!

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