Catch Up: Been so busy the last few days – all my writing has been for work or other blogs. Time to blabber on my own for a bit!

Sonoma: What an about-face from last year’s experience, at least on a social level! Last year, I enjoyed roaming the pits taking photos, but my off-track time was highly disappointing. This year, I enjoyed the race and being at the track as a reporter for Planet-IRL.com, and the very same person who aggravated the daylights out of me last year was a very enjoyable companion off track. A great crowd and a more interesting race at Infineon Raceway this year made for a lovely weekend. Some photos at my Bashtography site.

Work, Work, Work: Been super busy, having been assigned to a special unit in addition to normal work. Fun!

Fleas: Yup, still battling them. This long weekend ahead will give me a chance to get the rest of the purge completed, dump all the clutter, and do an extra-intensive clean and flea spray. Still sleeping on the futon, which means I don’t always get a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, last night Sebastian got his fourth bath in the last 2-3 weeks. He didn’t even try to get out of the tub this time. He yowled a little and didn’t squirm as much. He’s such a tolerant kitty boy…and goodness, he’s sooo soft today!

Radio Star: Well, podcast guest. Not sure if it’s up yet, but I participated in the weekly podcast at Planet-IRL.com with Kohl Kirkland and Paul Dalbey, two big IndyCar fans I know on Twitter. It won’t win any awards, but we had fun. 🙂

Testing: Sitting in a user testing lab right now, watching people interact with a prototype we’ve created. It’s usually interesting but not exciting, except that we had a real corker in here earlier today. Guy acted like he was hopped up on 5 Red Bulls – he gave us good feedback, but he was a source of constant laughter in the observation room. Spastic!

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