Reporting In: Yeah, yeah…I’m here, okay?! LOL! Goodness, it’s been a whirlwind, mainly due to work. Last Wednesday, we learned that our entire dev team is moving out of the creative group and into the program management department. That department is being realigned to match industry best practices, and our processes are due to follow. The end goal is to lead with user experience, instead of letting engineering resources and constraints or the whims of “Hey, what if we did THIS?” continue to drive what happens next. Now, I’m realistic enough to know there are rough patches ahead and to realize that the degree of success will depend on how “religious” we get about the new processes, but I am STOKED that we are making this first step. One of the most exciting things about it is seeing our director and VP level folks move into areas that are definitely playing to their strengths. Another thing – my team will eventually start playing a larger role in product definition, which is a great opportunity for us all.

Meantime…: Both my team and myself spent a ton of time in training last week, they for collaboration skills and techniques, and me for product management. This all plays into the re-org nicely, but we couldn’t get much done outside of that. So, of course, the CEO asked us for a high-quality presentation exploring something we’re not doing on the site right now so he can present it at the Home Office this week. *sigh* I think we got a good set of ideas out the door, but it was a mad scramble. Back to the training – if your company does software dev of any kind and you need your processes and thinking straightened out a bit, Marty Cagan‘s your guy.

Ruht Roh!: So, you might have read me here or heard me there mutter something about the massive purge and paint project I need to do to my entire apartment. You know, the one I’m starting right about now and was planning to have done by … oh…say….end of September? Well…seems like my big Sonoma weekend in August now includes having a house guest for a couple of nights. And no, it wasn’t MY idea. LOL! It WILL be lots of fun, but guess whose revamp of abode is now in fast track mode? Uh-huh. Apologies in advance if I get a few paint splatters here and there on BashUp.

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