T.G.I.F: The weeks are flying by this year, and I’m glad this one’s over. Had a really great time with my friend Steve at the Police show in Oakland. The show was a lot of fun, and I also really enjoyed Fiction Plane, which features Sting’s son Joe as lead singer/bassist. Other than that, the week was a mad dash to the finish line. I just made it. *grin*

Detox: I’m gonna do a detox weekend – liquids, broths and lots of books. Need to see if that will clear out all the residue from the allergies. If not, I’ll be off to the doc…

USGP: The Swarm of Angry Bees (aka Formula 1) will race at Indianapolis this weekend. I don’t follow F1, but my favorite folks at the IMS Radio Network will broadcast it, so I’ll be tuned in while I’m reclining with my books.

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