Wheels and Whiskers

Drivin’…: Rented a car today, got out of the office at lunch and ran some errands. It was a stunning day. I love to drive SO much, but the hassle of parking in my neighborhood is so huge that I’ll never have a car, at least not while I live on this street. (And I’m not planning to move – I love my place!) Usually, I get around on foot or by some form of transit. Took some shots recently of my favorite “wheels.”

F-Line – Castro to Fisherman’s Wharf: These street cars are from Italy and the original signage is still in place inside the cars.

MUNI F Line car

The World-Famous Cable Car: Nope, they aren’t “trolleys” – we don’t have trolleys in San Francisco. These beauties are the only national monuments that move, and they are my most favorite way to get around. They only cover parts of northeastern San Francisco, but that works for me. One line passes right by my apartment. The other two lines run just a half-block away.

MUNI Cable Car

Two Kitties: Sabrina gets most of the “face time” on my blog because of that cute moustache, but my Sebastian is a gorgeous boy. Here’s some face time for him:

Bassie Boop

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