Whatta Week

Tarrrrd: Glad this week is over. Lots of work projects are finally scooting off my plate, and we have a month of “cleanup” to do before the next wave of complete insanity hits. I have to find a way to restore my energy levels and, frankly, my desire to be in this workplace, before that wave hits.

WOW: The package arrived from my UK pal today. Wish I could tell you what it contained, but WOW – my boys ‘r’ just THAT good.

Other Racin’: So the Chump Car World Series is racing in “Sanazay” as the locals call it (that’s San Jose for the non-locals), and the taxicabs are ruining the bricks at IMS. I love my IMS Radio Network guys so much that I’ll probably tune in for some of their broadcast anyway, and I may pop over to the Chump Car site to see what their online coverage is like. Can’t wait for my Indy cars to get back on track next week.

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