Whatta Week!

Wiped Out: It’s been a busy week and I’m exhausted. Gonna have a low key weekend and follow qualifying for the Indy 500. Nothing sounds better… *grin* At least the weather’s due to hold for tomorrow…it’s been raining most of the week. Sunday looks awful, though.

For the Fixx Fans: A few summer dates trickling in. July5 at Kettering OH; July 12 at Portsmouth VA; July 13 at NYC; July 25 at Las Vegas; July 27 at Anaheim; July 31 at Saratoga, CA. Hearing about a possible date near St. Louis.

Still Hungry: Eating regular food once a day, but still doing liquid/soft most of the time. Still a little hungry most of the time, but in many ways, I feel pretty good so will keep it up for a while. Once I get back to Indiana, there will be too many things I have to have (Pizza King, for one), so I’ll be off this modified diet at least for a few days!

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