Dominant Dan: Mr. Wheldon and his Target Chip Ganassi #10 Honda-powered Dallara dominated the race last night to start the racing season. He’s already focused on the Indianapolis 500. In the year after his 2005 victory, it became apparent how deeply he feels about that race, often gettng emotional when talking about the importance of the event. He ruffled feathers in British racing circles when accepting an award – he declared the 500 the best race in the world, ticking off Bernie Ecclestone and all the F1 snobs.

Shopping: Spending some of my bonus – camera gear and the like – it should arrive later this week. Hoofed around the last couple of days to run errands, and I’m on the lookout for a particular model Tissot watch, so having to visit lots of jewelers here in the city. So far, no luck…

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