Weekend Update

  • The end of the work week was brutal, and the upcoming one will also be swamped. On her way out Friday evening, my boss told me “DON’T work this weekend.” So, I obeyed. My new guy starts tomorrow, but I’ll barely have any time to get him up and running due to catching up the leftovers from last week. Probably won’t be posting much here for another week or so…
  • Heard from my UK pal yesterday – said he was coping with his back injury with lots of reclining. Poor thing. Hope he heals quickly. One of his bandmates sent a text today with regrets that we couldn’t meet up this time. I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t have gotten away for the festivities even if they’d have had a guest list. In just the time it takes to drive down there, I can get so much done here, let alone the time spent there and the drive back. Took a 2-mile+ power walk on my way to the grocery and took care of several errands along the way. Got that all done in less time than the drive to Santa Cruz would have taken. I’m hoping by the end of May I can get back to a closer-to-normal schedule and actually use my weekends for fun and relaxation.
  • On the sports front, the Giants swept the Dodgers in LA and then went to Arizona, where they promptly forgot how to win against the “BabyBacks.” And Dominant Dan Wheldon whipped the field at the Kansas Lottery Indy 300, setting himself up as the favorite going into the Month of May at Indianapolis. I’d be tickled pink if I could see him win his second 500 in person. He has such deep respect for everything the race stands for.

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