Weekend Update

Uh-Oh: Got home from my fun but tiring trip to Indy on Tuesday evening and have been very low-key ever since, just relaxing and sorting through all the photos I took. So today I’m feeling lethargic, woozy and a little queasy, like I’m getting the flu. I’m due back at the office Monday and this isn’t how I want to go back into the fray… *sigh* I did go for my scheduled girl maintenance (mani/pedi) and fell asleep during each. My technician, Kim, just laughed at me – usually we chatter all the way through both. She told me “You go home and take a nap now…” And I did. Early sleeps for me tonight, too, if I can manage it.

Deja Vu: Milwaukee. The (historic) Mile. West Allis, fair surroundings, beer and brats everywhere, and friendly folks who love their racing. And an Andretti and a Rahal on the front row. Wait – is it ’92 again? *grin* Looking forward to tomorrow’s race. If it plays out as usual, something dramatic will happen that will feed Eddie Gossage’s publicity machine in Texas and we’ll then have a week of fun with that. Hey, Texas will be fun enough as it is – The Dragon has added it to their limited schedule, and with Scheckter racing, there’ll be a little extra something to watch.

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