Way to Go, TSO!

Bombs Away!: What would IndyCar fans do without Trackside Online? Pat, Joe, Kim et all bring us coverage of all races, some of the tests and pass along news, notes and press releases from all IndyCar entities. Today they got the scoop on THE question that was hanging over the sport – what of Dan Wheldon’s future at Target Chip Ganassi? Wheldon is out “exciting plans for 2009,” he says, and Dario Franchitti will drive the 10 car next season. A quick check of the usual IndyCar news sites had no coverage of this story as of the time of TSO’s announcements – although it did appear on Indystar.com and SPEEDTV.com a little while later.

Indycar.com says Wheldon will drive for Panther, replacing Vitor Meira. (Indystar.com has it, too.) If the money comes together, they may run a 2nd car for Vitor. If not…where will Vitor go? Some of the “transition” teams are talking about expanding or, in the case of Derek Walker, joining for the first time. Many of them have struggled with drivers who just haven’t been catching on. Vitor is very talented and a solid driver who could help any of those struggling teams. And where does Paul Tracy fit in to the picture? And Alex Tagliani? This will be interesting to watch.

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