Now What?: The Giants’ season ended today (on a high note – great outing by Tim “gimme that Cy Young nod” Lincecum and a 3-1 win over the Dodgers). There’s one IndyCar race left – takes place in Australia in a month and counts for not much more than bragging rights and a trophy. This used to be the time of year that I’d switch to following figure skating, but Ottavio Cinquanta has destroyed the sport beyond my ability to care anymore, and there’s no Michelle Kwan to make me cry for joy. So now what? Yeah, there’s football, but I only hear the results and hope for Colts wins. Hoops? I used to follow college ball, but just get oversaturated with so much of that and the NBA. I miss the days of Bird, Magic, Dr. J and MJ. No one sparks my imagination anymore. I may just go into hibernation until spring training!  LOL!

Cold, Again: I have my third cold in four weeks and it’s freezing in my place. I’m happy I can stream SpeedFreaks on my phone with the iPhone upgrade – may just do a bubble bath, dose up on Nyquil and hit the hay early, and I can listen to the Freaks’ two-hour Paul Newman tribute wherever I go in the house.

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