Work: My team was merged with the Information Architects and we’ll start meeting with them starting tomorrow. More change, but I see a good bit of potential in this move.

Life: I’m feeling the return of symptoms that led to my surgery two years ago. Went to my doctor on Friday and she’s ordered a couple of tests. Been there, done those, here we go again.  *frown*

Music: Word is Gary Tibbs has left The Fixx and they are now recording with the bassist they had when they became big – Dan K. Brown.  Will miss Tibbs but have always loved Brown’s playing, as well.

Racin’: Smoke smacked the wall really hard today and banged himself up in Las Vegas. Bet he’s gonna be killer sore the next few days, poor guy. Bummed that he wrecked in both races this weekend, and tore up that gorgeous candy apple red Old Spice car in the N’wide race. Carl got his second cup win in a row, so that’s the up side of the weekend. In the next couple of weeks, three IndyCar radio shows start up (Indy Racing Weekly, Trackside with Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee, and a show hosted by Patrick  from TSO on racefanradio.com) and the Formula 1 season gets underway. I’m going to be up to my ears in racing soon, woo hoo!

Beisbol: Spring training is underway, and it’s a tough start for the Giants – but I think we’re expecting a rebuilding-type season. Still good to switch on KNBR 680 and hear Jon Miller and Dwayne Kuiper call the games.

Baking: No fancy dishes lately – have been baking the usual loaf of bread each weekend – Starter Joe the Sourdough Starter is doing well and making nice, tart bread.  Tasty!

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