Race: It was a bit of a snoozer, with a few highlights (“Panica!”) to amuse. Still, I hate that the season is over.

Cats: Sebastian has recovered well from his dental surgery and is back to his big ol’ snuggly food-beggin’ self. Sabrina is steady – eating normally, playing a little, sleeping a lot, no blood clots or strange behavior. I got information today on the procedure and costs for saying goodbye, cremation, etc. Broke my heart, but I need to be ready for it.

Life: Things are calming down a little – lots of stress over the last month and it’s been a tough year all around. Since my hospital stay, I’ve slowly decompressed and have been able to relax and sleep better. I’ve also lost 8 pounds while following the advice of the cardiologist I saw. Still having issues accepting Sabrina’s ultimate fate – tears well up very easily – but I’ll do my best with that. It’s a tough one.

Work: Short-term hiring freeze means no more writers for us this year or early 2009 – to take up the slack, my direct reports will now report to my boss as well, which frees me up for more project work. It didn’t make sense to have two managers and two non-managers if the team isn’t growing for a while. It’s disappointing, but I will find other ways to challenge myself and may resume managing once the team is large enough to need two managers.

Politics: I cannot wait for Tuesday. I’m hoping for a massive change of direction for the whole country – we’ve been doing it one way for too long and the pendulum needs to swing the other way to see if balance can be found.

NaNoWriMo: To write or not to write – that is the question. The annual exercise of cranking out a 50,000 word novel in one month’s time has begun, and I’m sitting on the fence. I guess I can start, and drop out if I want. Better than deciding half-way through that I want to do it. It’s 1667 words a day…still not sure what I want to write about.

Yum: A coworker brought us cocoa puffs from the Liliha Bakery on Oahu – puff pastry filled with chocolate pudding, topped with chantilly frosting. Incredible. Too bad it’s a 5 hour flight to get more…

Charming: While riding a cable car the other day, an adorably-attractive elderly couple were singing (beautifully) “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” as I stood in front of them. After they finished, I thanked them for starting my day with such a lovely moment. I love this city…

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