Sonoma Photos: There are too many good shots to post on a blog page, so I’ll have to build pages for them on my Bash*tography site. I code by hand, so it takes a little longer but will be clean and neat. I’ll post a link here when I get some pages up.

A little KINDness: Had my chair massage today. I sent Sabina some Helio photos yesterday and gave her a brief overview (2-3 lines?) of the race weekend visitor situation. She shares everything with her sister Kathleen (from whom I’ve also gotten great massages) and after reading what I sent, they bought me a Sesame Peanut Chocolate KIND bar because they thought I deserved better – and for a laugh. (I’m laughing too – everything else last weekend was perfect and I can’t wait for Sonoma to come around again.) Proceeds from the sale of this little snack benefit Peaceworks.net – a yummy treat for a good cause with a kind (and funny!) intention behind it. Sabina and I always have a lot of laughs during massage time, but today I learned that she used to work as a producer at KCBS radio, where my dial is set most of the time. So I shared my radio background with her as well – just one more thing we have in common.

Tasty: One of my direct reports is a baking whiz and today she brought us her first cheesecake. It has a gingersnap crust with a thin layer of pear and then the cheesecake filling. Incredible. Thank goodness for the walking trail and the gorgeous 80-degree weather.

I’m heading out for a walk… 🙂

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