Bad by Design: Seriously – who in their right mind would engineer something so crappily as the human knee has been? I was sitting here in my chair, cross-legged as usual, catching up on email and keeping an eye on the IRL race at Richmond. I straightened my legs to stand and my left knee has just refused me – any way I move it really hurts. Putting weight on it is really hard to take. It’s getting puffy to the inside of and just below my kneecap. I’ve strapped an ice pack on it and keep trying to walk it off. Sure hope it straightens out…more medical troubles are just what I don’t need at this point.

It’s All Dario: Franchitti is on a tear in the IRL series. He started on pole and dominated the race at Richmond tonight. He’s really been on a roll the whole season, and that usually means plenty of interview time afterwards with his wife, Ashley Judd. She’s definitely a way different interview than anyone else around the league. I’m happy for the Great Scot – Dario has seemed to have crap luck in the last few seasons and he really deserves this wave of good fortune.

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