That Sinkin’ Feeling: Woke very tired with a dry, scratchy throat. Slowly took care of the laundry and kept an eye on opening day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway via IndyCar.com – they have the public address audio and video streaming on their site. Watched Davey Hamilton pass his refresher test with flying colors, and rookie Milka Duno pass all four phases of her rookie test. They paid tribute to A.J. Foyt, who’s celebrating 50 years of participation at the speedway as a driver/car owner. Tom Carnegie came out of his recent retirement to do a little public address work, the weather was perfect, and now it really feels like May.

Even though I’m not feeling well, I went out for a walk today. It was 86 degrees and just too nice not to get out and enjoy it. I got in about two miles, stopping for a Jamba Juice, running an errand or two and ending up at AT&T Park just as the Giants game was starting. Took my camera and got a few shots of the best ball park in the world! Listening to the game unfold as I type…hoping it will cool down in here pretty quickly so I can get to sleep early and hopefully avert whatever bug seems to be buzzing me.

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