U2 in Pasadena – October 25, 2009

Rose Bowl!!: Great day in Pasadena. A little warm, but gorgeous, sunny and a beautiful setting for the gig. This was my first experience queuing up with U2 fans – I had a ticket in Red Zone 2 (Adam’s side – yay!) and to ensure this shorty got on the rail with an unobstructed view of his lordship, I lined up early. The line was loaded with Bay Area people and organized by Nick and Brono from the bay. Eden was subbing for them when I came up, so I got my number (7) and hung out for the rest of the afternoon, making new acquaintances as people came up. Had a great time chatting with Deb and Lance, a guy from the East Bay. Lance and I were interviewed by KNX 1070 Newsradio, LA’s sister station to my beloved KCBS here in San Francisco.

Was pleased to get a great spot on the Red Zone 2 rail when they finally let us into the Rose Bowl. The stadium is a gorgeous, massive old thing sitting on lovely grounds in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The neighbors got an earful that night. The roar from the show’s one great surprise probably shattered windows. That surprise came during the Black Eyed Peas set, when they welcomed Guns n Roses’ Slash onto the stage and did “Sweet Child o’ Mine” with Fergie singing. WOW.

The U2 set itself wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t up to par with Las Vegas. First of all, the Rose Bowl leaves a great deal to be desired acoustically. Secondly, to use a racing term, there were “offs” by almost every member of the band at one time or another. But it was a great time spent with rabid Red Zoners with frequent visits to the catwalk by members of the band. (Catwalk was about 5 feet in front us with only an occasional security guard in between.) I could have gone home happy after the first time Adam came down our way – I got a twinkly-eyed smile from his lordship that curled my toes a bit.  🙂

The entire show is archived on YouTube – over 10 million people watched as it streamed live.

My photos are here for now.

And here are a couple of video clips I took:


Want to see Anaheim and Oakland on the second leg of this tour next June. Highly recommend it if you can get to a show – an amazing experience and setup that may never be repeated.

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