A Ruse of Olympian Proportions: The Olympic torch was due to appear along San Francisco’s waterfront today, but after an opening ceremony at AT&T Park, it was whisked away to an alternate route for security reasons. Over 10,000 spectators had gathered along the Embarcadero and were denied the opportunity to fulfill the reason(s) they turned up. There were a large number of folks who wanted to see the Olympic torch in person, and an equally large (if not larger) number who were there to protest China’s human rights record and their oppression of Tibet. They saw each other, but no torch. I wonder what images will be shown to the people of China – the torch being run down Van Ness (a mile+ inland) with nothing more than a few spectators pausing their lunch-time errands to take a look?  I feel sad for all the folks who turned up, for whatever reason, only to be left waiting for nothing by the change in plans.

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