Too Many Irons in the Fire

Write: In addition to the writing I do at work, I’m now involved in a personal writing project (no, not the next great Americans novel) and I’m about to get into the next phase of helping the Florida Wild Mammal Association update their web site. I can’t seem to get away from my computer. *grin*

Right: Helio and Julianne danced at an Indiana Pacers game to help drum up votes for his dances in the Dancing with the Stars competition. Monday night, they’ll perform the tango and the samba – Helio cracked that his tango “looks like a marching band” and his samba was “Aye Carumba!” so he really needs votes. Please vote for Helio!

Rite: It’s time to turn back clocks. Which means it’s time for fall cleaning to be wrapped up (ha! like I have time!) and it’s almost birthday time. These are my annual rites of autumn…along with tuning in to figure skating as the season starts. Last year, I didn’t see a single salchow and ended up dumping all the broadcasts onto videotape without watching them. This season, I’ve seen three performances – one by 14-year-old Caroline Zhang, who is adorable – and one each from Jeffrey Buttle and Brian Joubert. It’s early in the season, but the level of skating is awfully strong…hope I have time to watch more this year.

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