I’m Done: This has been another insane week. Everything’s on a fast track schedule, more last minute stuff is coming in all the time, and my boss will be out next week, which means I’ll have some of her duties. One of the things she handed to me is super top secret – it’s not a big project in terms of the amount of work, but when it becomes public knowledge…well, let’s just say it’s HUGE news. Exciting!

Workin’ on the Weekend: Anymore, if I have large writing projects, I have to do them at home. I’m going to be a writin’ fool this weekend – have a ton of projects that are due front part of next week. At least I’ll have Giants’ baseball and the IndyCar race from St. Pete, FL to keep me company during all the writing.

Passers-by: Readers from various parts of the US and UK the last few days.

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