This May Take A Little While…

April 6 – Got word at work that we three writers have been moved to the awesome management tutlege of Vanessa Cho.  This move resolved a great number of issues that had arisen over the last few months and gave us all a sense of hope and possibility for the future. It also helped ensure that my fellow writers and I won’t likely bolt out of abject frustration. Meanwhile, I’ve never felt so tired…

April 7 – Big handoff deadline at work tomorrow and of course I now knew why I was feeling so tired the day before. Sick. As. A. Dog. I called in sick, hit the Nyquil and hit the hay.

April 8 – Even sicker, but worked from home. Won a Red Zone auction ticket for the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl. This means I can sell the other two and pay myself back for the hefty auction price. Red Zone 2, which I believe means i might just be close enough to pinch The Posh One after all. (Look out, Mr. Clayton!) I cranked out a copy doc and handed it off, took care of as much other work as possible and begged off Thursday and Friday to rest.

April 9 – NyQuil + sleep. Can’t keep anything down. Lost about 7 pounds in two days. Noticed a troubling issue with Felix – it seemed like he wasn’t in full control of his legs. No, please. No more kitty problems…

April 10 – More kitty problems. No sleep today – instead, I loaded up on DayQuil and tissues, grabbed a ZIPCar and took Felix to the vet. His legs had completely abandoned him. They kept him for a while and took xrays, blood samples and gave him some meds. The dreaded letters F, I and P were mentioned as a possible cause.  We went to bed early, with Felix in his carrier on the other side of the bed.

April 11 – Still feeling puny, but dragged to Cinta for my scheduled mani/pedi. First one since January. Got home to rest and care for Felix. Vet called with test results – either an infection in his central nervous system or FIP. I got another ZIPCar, went to get his antibiotic prescription and a larger crate and puppy pads for his comfort. He wasn’t able to use the box on his own at this point, so I wanted to be covered for accidents. Got the crate set up on the bed, with a soft towel and a puppy pad.We needed to give the meds a few days to take affect, so we needed to be ready for major cage time.

April 12 – Felix wasn’t interested in cat food or people tuna anymore, so I headed to get him some baby food meat. He was slightly weaker and spent most of his time sleeping.

April 13 – Worked from home to nurse Felix. In the afternoon, I called the vet with a follow up report and they wanted to see him. Nothing different really stood out, so we stuck with the meds and wait-and-see approach.

April 14 – Worked from home  again. Little dood couldn’t hold his head up at this point and wasn’t able to drink from a bowl anymore. I started giving him water with a medicine syringe. He was still interested in eating his baby food meat and cleared a jar plus a little more every day.

April 15 – Arranged to work from home half days the rest of this week, since I was up in the night with Felix. I slept late and worked from 1 -5 pm so I could finish up and hand off another project document. Felix was more listless and ate a little less. The meds weren’t affecting him so far, but the recommendation was to give him just a little more time.

April 16 – Felix continued to slip into worse health. I fed, watered and changed his puppy pad every 3 hours or so, around the clock. During the evenings the whole week, I’d listen to Giants games on the radio while holding him. There were loads of tears…

April 17 – Practice on for the Long Beach grand Prix. Felix was in his crate next to my computer desk as I followed the practice. One lovely moment in a week of dark clouds happened when Twitter and news alerts delivered news that Helio Castroneves, his sister Kati, and their lawyer were all acquitted of the tax evasion charges they were being tried for. I was elated to hear the news and it lifted my spirits for a while. I finished another project for work, handed it off, and came back down to earth for a moment…and reserved another ZIPCar for the trip to the vet I had to make in the morning.

April 18 – 8 a.m. and we were at the SPCA animal hospital again. We all agreed that Felix had had adequate time to respond to the meds, yet he was worse. FIP was the final conclusion – and there is nothing that can be done for that. So we set him free from his suffering and sent him on to his next life. Rest in peace, my adorable little kitty dood.

I signed an agreement that allowed Felix’s tissue and fluid samples to be shared with UC Davis for a study they are doing on FIP. Afterward. they told me the study covered everything – all the tests, the euthanasia charges, and even adoption fees the next time I adopt from the SPCA. They were so supportive and compassionate in the way they handled Felix’s case from start to finish. We have a wonderful SPCA here and I feel lucky they care here to help me with Sebastian and his old kitty age. I went home after the vet and tried to decompress. Followed practice and qualifying for the Long Beach Grand Prix – it was a joy to see Helio back in the car and to hear his funny broken English and experience his joy for living again.

April 19 – Watched Dario (Hottie-O!) Franchitti quickly re-establish his place in IndyCar with a win at Long Beach, and got myself a full-sized laptop for use when I’m laid up in bed next month. (HP dv4-1275mx special edition with a pretty blue swirling design on the cover.) Mostly, just decompressed from a very trying couple of weeks. Really warm and it was hard to sleep from the heat, as well as the fact I was really congested.

April 20 – full day at work. I felt like a zombie.

April 21 – Another full day at work. Still really tired, but getting back into the swing of things.

April 22 – Sebastian is 15 today – that’s 77 in people years. Long in the kitty tooth! Another day at work, and finally some time to write up the last two weeks’ events. I’m hoping to update more frequently with less-depressing content…

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