THIS is Living…

Gorgeous: A lovely, gorgeous, beautiful day. Out and about for most of it – got a manicure with Kim at Cinta, then did a little shopping, but mostly walked. Came home and heard a most of the Giant’s spring training win against The Rangers. Wandered around the Inner Richmond for a bit on my way to meet Gus tonight and ran into my coworker Jay Trainer – that’s always fun! Then had my favorite pizza and lots of nice time to chat with Gus. He dropped me at home (on the other side of town) afterward, and on the way there, I played the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible for him (he’d never heard them). Gus worked for Sony when they introduced the compact disc, and then all through the 80s consulting on, engineering, authoring and/or editing hundreds of albums – he’s pretty much heard it all. He heard a song or two before we got too far, and I noticed he was taking the long way. He really loved it.

Spring Forward Early: Wheee! I love light, so an extra month of DST works for me!

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