The three “r”s

Runnin’: The last three days of the week were pretty taxing – even now, I’m still under the weather, but I had to get a ton of work done on SLAP and another project became very complex. I think I’m finally done with the latter. SLAP will be a main feature on my plate for quite a while yet. My new guy’s doing great (hi, Jon!) – fortunately he has a lot of experience as a contractor, which means he’s able to work independently. That’s been necessary the last two weeks – many projects have train-wrecked into each other lately that I’ve had to untangle.

Racin’: It’s Pole Day at Indy, and I’ve got the speedway P.A. and WIBC streaming online, plus ESPN and ABC will cover the actual qualifying once it starts. Right now, it’s practice time.

Restin’: I’m going to lounge and nap most of the weekend to try and get rid of this bug. It’s pretty tenacious.

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