The Patient Reports In

Hi, all – thanks for the emails, comments and tweets while I was in the hospital. I’m finally awake enough to write a little about what happened/will happen next, so here goes…

Three years ago I had surgery to correct a situation in my abdomen, and the condition returned. This surgery was to stop the situation once and for all. It turned out to be  a little more involved than we thought – when my doc got a look in my abdomen, she found a lot of scar tissue (adhesions) from the last time. Before she could take out what she went in for, she had to spend quite a bit of time separating organs from my intestines and my intestines from each other. But it all went without complications so I’ll be recovering pretty much as planned.

The worst part of the whole thing is the post-anesthesia nausea. I didn’t experience it last time, but this time I’ve been awfully queasy and the anti-nausea meds make me disoriented and cause headaches. Better not to throw up after abdominal surgery, so I can’t skip it.

I’ll be off work for six weeks to recover from surgery and recover my overall health. Looking forward to getting out and about for short walks (maybe next week) and then really revamping my overall fitness. But I have to take it easy for a little while and I’m not known for my ability to relax. 🙂

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