The Longest Weekend Ever

Drained: Long day at the track, highlighted by a hot lap ride courtesy the Jim Russell school at Infineon – wild ride in a pack of Toyota Camrys! Got a sunburn despite SPF 85, so I’m hurting. And the strange trip with my visitor was thankfully cut short – he’s hoteling it tonight instead of returning to my place. To say that aspect of the weekend was a failure doesn’t quite capture it – I’d like to borrow Pressdog‘s standard: BLOWN UP, SIR! I have never seen and hope never to see again such self-absorption and self-focus. I did my very best to remain civil to the end (spending the second half of the weekend almost completely free of that vibe helped) and blissfully, The End has arrived.

I had pit access – except it wasn’t hot pit as I was led to believe. No biggie, but nice to know I can get the exact same credential through Indy Downforce, so I can grant myself access occasionally for great picture taking opportunities. Schweeeet!

I’ll be sifting through the 2200 photos I took over the next few days and sharing them here. Just have to share a couple now – this is the cutest thing I saw all weekend, followed by the other cutest thing I saw all weekend:

Davey Hamilton
Davey and a cute kid
Davey and a cute kid

*grin* I have tomorrow off and will work on getting more shots up here on the blog. Meantime, I’m starving and there’s an incredible cheese waiting for me in the fridge. I had it for dinner Friday night at The Girl and The Fig – it’s called Redwood Hill Bucheret, and it was the star of the cheese sampler at my table. I’ll be enjoying this one all week.

Stay tuned for more photos!

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