The Gossips are BUSY These Days

I’ve been pretty disconnected from all my old online social and fan scenes for over a year now, but man, people are mighty interested in what I write in my blogs if it might possibly be connected to one of those scenes. Someone forwarded me an email yesterday (with all the identities neatly edited out) where a piece of my blog was quoted and gossiped about by several folks. Of course, my words were shortened and taken out of context and as such, didn’t represent my true thoughts. Wonder if any of them bothered to check my blog for the full post…

Over the last few months, I’ve been ignoring questions and requests for clarifications from people at both my blogs. I guess it’s time for a blanket response:

In posts on personal matters, sometimes I am addressing actions or circumstances directly relating to some specific person or people I know. These posts are about someone’s actions in relation to me, things they tell me (in one person’s case, over several sessions of sobbing and telling me how hard day-to-day life is), or information from their colleagues, etc. Often, a specific person or situation inspires me to riff on a broader, more general theme. It’s not worth anyone’s time trying to figure out who these posts are about, or whether it’s a specific comment or one of those more general things. In the main, I’m communicating my opinions about something to people who usually already know the details – the rest of the world are passers-by.

I don’t have time right now to write all my friends one-on-one very often (I do go to email if I need to share specific details). I’m slammed with work, and my awesome friends have agreed to come to my blog for my thoughts. If I omit names and details, it’s because they aren’t necessary to get my point across, and it helps maintain a certain amount of privacy. If you were there, you’ll know who I’m talking about in most cases. If not – again, does it matter? Probably not. My point still gets across. If you weren’t there, you may still think you’ve figured it out anyway. Be very careful about making assumptions. I may know some stuff you don’t, and you’ll jump to some wrong conclusions based on what I chose to leave out. Or, maybe I’m talking about someone/something else all together.

I tried to password protect a more personal post once. People hated having to dig in their mail and find the blog password I set for them at the beginning, etc. I hated having to resend everyone the password. It didn’t save me time, and saving time is why I opened a blog in the first place. So I remain in the open but vague, and no, I won’t share specifics privately with anyone other than close friends and family. Please accept and respect that. I don’t have time to maintain a separate private blog for these kinds of thoughts. Perhaps if you are bothered by lack of details or oblique commentary, you should read someone else’s blog, or skim by the more personal posts.

To the handful of you who contacted me, thanks for your understanding on this. To the gossips – hey, at least link to my blog so the context is there! Geez! To the rest of you (aka the vast majority of my readers), sorry for this interruption. (You probably didn’t bother reading this far, anyway. LOL!)

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