Tuckered: Man, I’m tired. I’m waiting for a grocery delivery, and then it’s bubble bath and bed for me, and I don’t care if it’s 8pm. In fact, I hope it’s that early! LOL!

Grateful: As tired as it’s making me, I am SO fortunate to be in the position I have at work. One of the merchandising writers and I are joining with a team of designers to explore a very important potential shift in how we do things. Can’t say any more about it except that it could change everything, and for the better. Really exciting!

introspective: A big hit for Boston (the band) back in the 70’s says “Don’t Look Back,” but I can’t help but reflect on my ‘tween and early teen days when that band’s music filled the airwaves everywhere I went. This evening we learned that lead singer Brad Delp was found dead in his home today. No foul play suspected, and an autopsy report is due Monday. He was 55. Always marveled at how he could sing much higher than I ever could, and although I didn’t follow the band that closely after the 70’s, I recall occasionally reading comments from people about what a genuinely good human being he was. RIP, Mr. Delp.

Free!: Well, at least for the weekend. As much as I’m loving my work at the moment, I need a breather. A Tourmaline Manicure awaits me tomorrow at Cinta, then Gus and I meet tomorrow evening for dinner. Sunday is supposed to be a stunning day, and I hope to spend it wandering my bestest and most favorite parts of San Francisco.

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