A Little Better: This week wasn’t as hectic as I thought it would be – nice to have a moment or two to breathe and do things at a normal pace at work.

A Little Breather: Gonna take another slow weekend, watch some Indy Cars go round and round at Michigan, and finally have a moment to fully take in the gift my UK pal sent me. He told me to share it with Ms. Pippi, and she got hers today.

A Little Bother: Pippi reminded me of something I heard last month. Seems that dopey ex-“date” of mine has collected yet another admirer the guys put in the “SKIP DIVE/STALKER” category. There’s one who travels from another country to see him. No one can imagine why he tolerates her – they can’t stand her. There’s a girl who used to chase one of the other guys. That got her nowhere, so now she’s going after Dopey. Pip said something today that brought it to mind and it makes me marvel at bit – seems the only folks left he can spend time with are desperate, messed up or just plain dumb. Too bad he can’t seem to keep decent company…

A Lotta Chile: Someone using an IP address in Chile made three visits to my site today, each time only to my photos of the boys. Wouldn’t that just be ironic… (Naw, I better not finish that one. Some of you know where that one ends up – the SKIP! LOL!)

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