Texas IndyCar Photos

Day 1 – Practice: I arrived mid-afternoon for my first race at Texas, checked in and headed to Texas Motor Speedway at about 5:30 p.m., where The International Superstar Shane Rogers (TISSR) was waiting with a credential voucher for me. Pit, Infield and Race Mode access…nice!  Prowled the pits and garage with TISSR, snapping photos of evening-time practice. Was awed and amazed by the speedway – a huge, impressively-maintained facility. You can see some shots here:

Day 1 Photos

Day 2 – Practice/Quals: More photos during a sweltering practice and qualifying session. FINALLY met Crash Gladys and Kenny Sargent from SpeedFreaks-Crash snuck me into the Media Center where we sat in the empty auditorium and chatted up a storm in air-conditioned comfort. Really needed that break – I wasn’t doing to well from the afternoon heat. After quals were complete, I hung out with TISSR, Paul Dalbey and Marc Bever while the NASCAR truck race started. Took off a bit after the race got going – I was only one month-post surgery and really needed to rest. Photos:

Day 2 Photos

Day 3 – Race: Had lunch with a friend at Esparza’s in Grapevine. THE best chips and salsa I’ve had. More, please! Met Crash at the track, where she hooked me up with the Victory Circle access sticker that the SpeedFreaks got.  Since they didn’t have a photographer with them, they let me use it. So cool. Crash and I spent the whole race together, during which she surprised me with a visit to the Live 105.3 suite in turn 4. Had a blast up there!  The racing wasn’t spectacular, but seeing the cars under the lights on that amazing track was thrilling. Left the suite just in time to hit Victory Circle and Helio’s celebration. Photos:

Day 3 Photos

A big thanks to everyone for making my visit to TMS  most enjoyable. I’ll be back – this place is just too awesome to miss!

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