Telegraph Hill

New Favorite: Although I’ve lived here since 1997, I’ve never visited the San Francisco neighborhood of Telegraph Hill (other than a trip up to Coit Tower) until this weekend. The reason: bad knees. Most of the “streets” on Telegraph Hill are steep staircases, stone paths and boardwalks, cutting through lush gardens that grow down the steep slope, framing adorable cottages and apartment buildings. The trees and bushes host the city’s famous Wild Parrots, a flock of conures that has grown to near 200 over the years, and has been featured in a book and PBS program.

I took MUNI 39 up to Coit Tower, took the Filbert steps to Montgomery Street, and walked down the Greenwich steps to the last flight. There’s a home for sale there that I’d love to own (see it here), so I took a couple photos before heading back up the steps to Montgomery street. I cut over and did the rest of the Filbert steps, visiting Darrell Place and the authentic boardwalk of Napier Lane on the way down. I took loads of photos – steps, homes and a lot of the parrots, who were always perched in green and red foliage that camouflaged them perfectly…

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