Slow but Super Sunday

Fast Going: We raced at Nashville, a day late. Scott Dixon had the Energizer livery on the 9 car, and spent the weekend being followed from pit to garage by a huge pink Energizer bunny. At one point, he quipped that it was getting annoying. It’s the second time that sponsor went primary on the 9 car, and each time, it has turned up in the same spot – Victory Lane. I’m thinking he’d be willing to put up with the bunny being around more often if that’s the end result.

Slow Going: Dragged myself to dinner with Rupert, Ira and roadie Jimmy from The Fixx, then went for their show at the Mezzanine. The Alarm went on first and cranked out a fun set. Then my Fixx boys blew the socks off the packed in, sold out crowd. Now, I don’t mind the headliners, the Psychedelic Furs, but after The Fixx…it just doesn’t work that well. Took off after a couple songs and headed back to my place, just a few blocks from the venue. The plan was to reconvene with The Fixx and some pals a little later at a nearby Irish pub, but I fell asleep within 15 minutes of getting home. I’m happy I made it that far into the evening – it was a terrific show. Just got a call from Adam who said he saw me in the audience and thought he might see me after the show – said they had a terrific time at the pub. Look for photos on Bash*tography.

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