Summer Tourage…

My sister’s strongly encouraging me to come out for a music festival near her so she and her friends might have a better chance to hang out with a band I know that’s on the bill. She got to spend some time with them about three years ago when they played her town and I was visiting.

I just don’t want to go…

One of the musicians breaks down and sobs every time I see him. “My life is so hard…” You can only advise someone to stand up for himself so many times. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” To dump your troubles and sob on someone’s shoulder every time you see them is rude and thoughtless. I’ve taken to avoiding him when I’m around (and then he mopes). Sheesh.

There are “drama queen” fans who always seem turn up just when you’d like a nice, low key time. (And then you have to listen to the opinions the guys have about those fans once they’re out of earshot!) For instance, there’s a sad case who turns up with a long-time friend of theirs. She lives near one of the guys and is always IMing or calling him. He can’t stand it: “The cow’s said she got me some Bali Shag. Now I have to be polite and deal with her.” He notes her obsession with one of his band mates, adding: “No way – he has high standards. And he’d never live it down if we found out he was with her.” She’s not a happy person, even less so when she doesn’t get much attention from her favorite – I feel sorry for her. Then there are the “desperately cling to the singer while my husband sits in the corner” types, and the “two beers and I’m making a scene” types – they all seem to turn up at once (often together)! Some people find it amusing to have all those agendas bouncing off each other, but it just makes me sad.

Top it off with some the folks who help out (and sometimes take advantage of their position with the guys, costing them money or power tripping on and alienating others in attendance.) The guys have very sharp opinions about that, too..

Add it all up and the vibe’s toxic. I’ve been too busy with my management career to hang out much these days and haven’t been in their scene for a while. I miss hearing their music live, but some of it’s on my iPod. And I miss some of the folks, but I am in touch occasionally. I just like my space to be clean and toxin free. I hope my sister won’t be too upset if I decide against it…

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