Still Under the Weather

Ugh: Went to work today, but ended up getting a ride to the train and coming home after two hours. Worked some more at home this afternoon/evening, but heading to bed early again to try and chase this thing away. My boss is sick, also, and has been out for three days. Other teammies were out last week with it. One of my co-workers calls our floor “the world’s largest petrie dish”…

Bonus!: Tomorrow we get our bonuses, and I’ll be online this weekend ordering all that new camera gear I’ve been hankerin’ for. Already lined up a Tourmaline mani/pedi at Cinta for Saturday. Time for some pamperin’! Will be heading in for another massage at Novella, soon.

Visits: Same readers as usual, plus a visit from Lancashire in the UK, and someone in Florida, and a few Californians.

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