Still Kickin’…Barely

Illin’: The flu/cold from Hades relapsed last weekend, so I’m still coughing. Also spent the weekend with the worst tummy troubles – I threw everything in there to try to calm it down. Yesterday I felt pretty well, but today I feel like there’s a bowling ball in my gut. Fortunately, I still have some meds left over from surgery that might help, but they’re at home and I’m not.

Might Be Allergic: The more I read about gluten allergies, the more I think it could be my problem. I’ve bought a few gluten-free items at the store and will try to eliminate gluten for a week or two, once I get a few more items in the pantry and can make a real go of it.

But All in All, I’m Lucky: One of my best buds back east just had her thyroid out due to cancer. Things can always be worse, it seems.

Miami: All systems appear to be go for me to attend the last race of the season. Using more travel credits/discounts to make it possible.

Moxie: A sweet little kitty girl is being fostered by someone on my Friend Feed, and I may get to adopt her this weekend. Here is a picture of her cute little self.

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