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Highs and Lows: It’s been quite the spring. The biggest impact was losing Sebastian. He responded well to treatment for anemia, but his heart and kidneys just kept getting worse. We said goodbye on March 19 and Moxie and I are still adjusting to not having him around. Safe to say we’re broken-hearted. There will be a little bundle of fur in our future, but for right now, I just want to let the numb feeling leave…not sure how long that will take.┬áMoxie took a few days before she stopped looking for Sebastian and crying out for him. She had nightmares and hissed at me a bit those few days after we lost Bassie. She’s calmed down a bit now and she and I are just taking things a day at a time and trying to take good care of each other.

The Giants have begun their defense of the World Series title I still can’t believe they won, and despite my aversion to crowds, I’ve been to four games already this season. Usually I just go for the company’s Day at the Ballpark event, but wanted to take in a bit more of this mayhem in person. Best moment so far was attending the ring ceremony and the last minute win that night. I’ve got at least 6 more games on my calendar (some depend on IndyCar practice schedules, etc.) and I’ve been following the games on the radio as usual. The boys aren’t clicking on all cylinders just yet, but it’s early days. And we’ve got our Panda back!

IndyCar has started up – just got back from covering the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Indy and Texas follow, then 2-3 more races later in the season. I’ve covering races for and as well as my own – keeping me busy! for photos of racing, cats and Giants’ events.

Health is not optimal – low energy resulted in blood tests which resulted in other tests and I’m due to see a nephrologist soon to see why my kidneys don’t seem to be working right. Walking medium distances and working out have exhausted me, so my weight is still up and fitness level low.

Work is a constant stream of change and growth – global ecommerce was re-arranged by market (I’m on the largest team – US) and am managing three contract writers at the moment. That was a sudden development and my boss is determined that I try managing again, this time with training and support and a chance to actually succeed. I’m willing to try it again, but have to admit there’s some trepidation.

May’s coming soon, right after the first anniversary of Will Owsley’s death. Still not sure I’ve got a handle on that one. Have to wait a couple weeks into May before things start up at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – really looking forward to the 100th anniversary of the first race, and excited that I’ll be there with media credentials for the first time.


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