Stay Tuned…

Photos: I’ve decided to create my own domain for photos and have selected gallery software to power it. I need to set it up and decide on templates and layouts so I know what size to make the Fixx photos.  (They will be the first up on the new domain.) Getting all my concert, racing and critter photos up will take some time – medical leave has ended and I’m going back to work tomorrow, but watch this space for more details…

Energy: Or lack thereof…man, I’m wiped out! My energy has been low all week, so the chores haven’t all been done, plus I brought back all the leftover booze from Santa Cruz and it’s in bags all over my apartment until I find a place for it all in my crowded kitchen. Looks like a tornado hit a liquor store and then hit my place. 🙂

Writing: Trying to figure out when I’ll have time to resume personal writing projects – the type of writing I do at work is very focused and specific and I’d like to stretch my muscles in other areas again. I wrote a brief bit for pressdog leading into his race notes for the Texas race and discovered just how rusty I am. (Not to mention my usual style doesn’t blend so easily with pdog’s snappy tone. 🙂  ) I need to give myself  a few assignments and knock off some rust.

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