Speed Weeks Spinning My Head…

Dizzying: Man, some of my open wheelers defecting to NASCAR has presented me with a real learning curve. There are so many drivers in each series, so many team owners and crew chiefs to learn about. And the whole thing has been a roller coaster ride. Loved to see Junior get the shootout and duels wins and start off so well with his new team. Was great to see Smoke win the Nationwide race. Thrilled that John Andretti raced his way into the 500. But was bummed that Erik Darnell got knocked out of the truck race and crushed that Boris Said didn’t make the 500. I’m a bit immobilized at the moment (long story related to my surgery two years ago) so I guess I’ll be able to watch the whole race tomorrow…all 80 million hours of it. *grin* Hope Dario Franchitti does well tomorrow – he’s the main reason I’m watching this whole thing.

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