Soap Bubbles

As the TK Turns: So, we’re learning that Tony Kanaan might indeed have been ready to jump ship to Ganassi but had a last minute change of heart last night (which made it into the Indy Star about a half-second later). Fandom’s all abuzz – how pissed is Chip? What turned TK’s mind? And folks are pitting Robin Miller (who reported TK to TCGR) against Curt Cavin (who reported TK’s signature on the AGR contract last night) against one another. “Robin gets p0wned” vs. “Robin got the story first” with a few folks speculating that Team TK may have played Miller to pressure AGR into what he wanted. Meanwhile, IMS Radio Network driver analyst Davey Hamilton has chimed in. Mike King was talking about Miller’s story and Davey chimed in with “who’d you say wrote that?” in a very “consider the source” tone and commented that it wasn’t a signed, sealed and delivered deal, so maybe Robin’s pen moved too soon. Davey also speculated that Robin was used as a tool to get TK what he wanted. On another deal that was announced and may be going another direction, Davey reported that the sale of Kentucky Speedway to SMI might be off. The KY Speedway folks seem to have had a change of heart, too.

UPDATE: TK tells Mike King that he never got directly involved in the conversation about driving for Ganassi, so it must have been his agent fielding those calls. And just now, he told Kevin Olson that he and Marty Roth discussed forming Roth-Kanaan racing…one night over dinner….and “a few drinks”… LOL! Also, word has it the sale of Kentucky Speedway to SMI is slated for October, so rumors of trouble might just be rumors.

As the Bashie Turns: So, with everyone else changing their minds, seeming to change their minds, or just being rumored to have changed their minds, I think I’ll join in. I’ll let you all know when I decide what to change my mind about…unless I change my mind. :p

Doggone It: So I’ve babied my bad left knee (by not exercising, mainly) to the point where stairs aren’t a problem anymore and I’m ready to start my walking program again. Of course, that means the left foot issue I had xrays for a few months ago has reared its head again. Pinched nerves – crikey…

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