So much to do

Slogging Through: Tired and achy, but there’s so much to do today – gotta power through it all. Hoping to turn in extra early tonight and see if some additional sleep will beat this bug.

Music City Speed Show: My Indy Cars are racing on the bumpy 1.33-mile oval at Nashville tonight. Here’s hoping the only rumble is that of the engines (or the cars barreling over the bumps). Don’t need any more of the lo-jinks that we saw at the Glen lat weekend.

Tee Arr Not Fixxed: Heard from a couple of my Fixx boys. They had to bail for a 4-hour drive after their appearance at the Moondance Jam and didn’t cross paths with Todd Rundgren, who was appearing four hours later with The New Cars.  I’m still iffy for the gig tomorrow night here in SF, so I may not be Fixxed either. Good thing I’m just sick and not broken… *grin*

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