So Much to Do, So Little Time…

Scramblin’: The rudiments of spring cleaning must take place this weekend. I’m finally feeling halfway decently – slept fairly well without Nyquil – but I need to avoid wearing myself out. Today is unclutter day, tomorrow is clean, clean, clean day. Then I can spend Monday through Wednesday evenings taking care of the straggling chores and errands to prep my place for after-surgery inactivity. Tuesday I’m off for pre-op tests and that’s when I’ll find out what time my Thursday surgery is.

Ramblin’: I’m on Networked Blogs – see the module lower on the right side of the page and follow me if you dare…  🙂

Amblin’ (barely): My health condition has me moving so slowly I really don’t know how I get through a day. Cannot WAIT to feel better – possibly as soon as next weekend!

Gamblin’: Well, not really – no cash at stake. Made my Indy 500 picks on the Downforce site. The usual suspects: Dixie, Hottio Franchitti, Hello-io Castroneves, TK and Briscoe/Disco Infrerno.  Nice that I can change them up until race weekend if a dark horse shows a strong hand…cannot WAIT for engines to fire on Tuesday!

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