Slow Saturday

Takin’ it Easy: Doing mainly liquids today (may need a soda cracker or two to make it through) to try and reset the ol’ bod. Have started walking regularly again and I hope that’ll help, also. Energy levels are just really low at the moment. Following Formula 1 practice and quals via timing and scoring online. It’s all being covered on the SPEED channel, but it’s not part of my cable package, so I just peek at the stats now and again. All my favorites (except Davey Hamilton) from the IMS Radio Network will cover it on WIBC tomorrow – glad I can listen online.

Visitors: Haven’t checked my stats in a while – a nice international roster has been by the last few weeks! The UK, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Canada and several locations around the US. Welcome to BashUp!

Fenway’d: The Giants are visiting Fenway Park for the first time since 1912, and last night’s debut there didn’t turn out so great. This afternoon’s game starts in about an hour – hope Matt Cain has a great showing against Dice-K.

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