Slow but steady

Quick Update: Last week’s thrash to get a presentation done for the CEO landed the hoped-for 6-figure funding we wanted. Woo hoo!

Progress Report: Bathroom and kitchen purged of unneeded items. Living room half done, with an estimated completion date of 7/24. That leaves the bedroom (and books…loads of books) and the hall closet to tackle starting Friday. Saturday morning, it’s off to the hardware store for a ladder, heat gun, spackle, scrapers and paint. Whee. *grin*

Yellow: As in caution. In addition to my bad left knee, I now have a bad left foot, victim of a toppled heavy wooden chair at a Thai restaurant in South city today. Two toes are not sure what color they should be, so they’ve gone a range of pinks and purples with some deep blues edging in. This will hinder my progress on several fronts, so I now have to re-plan my attack… *sigh*

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