Busy Body: Lots going on, busy at work, lots to do around the house, and a flea infestation has derailed everything I had planned to accomplish here this week. I’m doing nothing but spraying, vacuuming, waiting and repeating. Halfway done – get to take a break for the IndyCar race at Sonoma, then start again Monday. Then I get to do it all over on Labor Day weekend to try to break the flea cycle. All because they now let dogs in my apartment building. Love ’em, but we’ve never had fleas before…not in all my 12 years here.  *sigh*

Intrepid Reporter: Yours truly will be blogging and photogging at the IndyCar race at Sonoma this weekend. You’ll find a few things here, at my photo site, Bashtography, and also on and  Huge props to Kohl and for supplying me with media creds for this race. Also, I’ll be tweeting as time allows: @SpeedFreakBash.

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